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Rise of the Eastern Empire: Lavallee’s Plan to Dismantle the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples

This blog is about CAP’s demise and to ask whether anyone cares? I would love to hear from folks about this blog and CAP in general. I worried about using “Congress of Aboriginal Peoples” as the title to this blog because I assumed that most of you would be thinking “Who?”. Seriously though, some of[…]

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Conservatives’ Election Platform for Aboriginal Peoples is “Assimilatory”

With all this talk of a possible federal election, I was wondering how long it would take for the three major national parties (Liberals, NDP and Conservatives) to start talking about their platforms in relation to Aboriginal peoples. Thanks to APTN National News, we got to hear a preview of their platforms last night. For[…]

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Blog Name Has Changed from Non-Status Indians to Indigenous Nationhood

Dear readers; Please be advised that the names of my social media sites will be changing. This blog will now be “Indigenous Nationhood” as will my website. In the interim, you will still be able to acess the old addresses. However, no new blogs will be posted on Non-Status Indian. Any “followers” should also add[…]

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