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Bill C-3 Creates More Discrimination than it Remedies

As with all my blogs, the contents are my own personal views and should never be taken as legal advice. In my last blog, I provided some of my concerns with regards to Bill C-3 Gender Equity in Indian Registration Act which was introduced on March 11, 2010. The purpose of this blog will be[…]

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UPDATED – Bill C-3 – Gender Equity in Indian Registration Act

Sharon McIvor went to court to challenge the gender discrimination in section 6 of the Indian Act, 1985. Registration under the Indian Act provides greater entitlements to Indian men who married out (married a non-Indian) and their descendants as compared with Indian women who married out. McIvor won both at trial and on appeal and[…]

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McIvor is Just the Start – The Indian Act is Full of Discrimination

So by now, everyone has heard of the McIvor case and knows that the registration provisions of the Indian Act, otherwise referred to as “status”, will be amended as a result. The question remains: what are we going to do about the discrimination that won’t be addressed by those amendments? For anyone who hasn’t heard[…]

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Mohawks or Canada’s Disappearing Indians?

The subject of racial purity is such a large one that it would be impossible to do it any justice in a simple blog. Similarly, the idea of using blood quantum to determine an individual’s identity and right to belong to their community is so complex that all I can expect to accomplish with this[…]

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Amendments to the Indian Act’s Registration (Status) Provisions

The federal government appears to be pursuing a course of amendments to the Indian Act’s registration (status) provisions that will not address all of the gender discrimination raised by Sharon McIvor in her court case (McIvor v. Canada). It would seem that the Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC, the honourable Chuck Strahl,[…]

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