I have provided links to all of my open access publications in the “Publications” section of this website. For those academic articles that are not yet open access, I included their citations, as many are accessible through libraries and universities.

Reconciliation Book Club New

In this series, I will choose a book about important issues impacting Indigenous peoples and share my review of the book. The primary focus will be on Indigenous authors from all over Turtle Island, but I will also include books from some of our allies who use writing to help advocate in solidarity with Indigenous peoples.

But this will be MORE than just a book review video. Here’s how it will work:

  1. I will give you a heads up in each video about the upcoming book I plan to review so that you can purchase, borrow or share the book.
  2. Read it, think about it and leave your questions, comments and impressions in the comment box below each relevant video. That way, I can address some of your questions and feedback in the upcoming video review of that specific book.

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Selected Public Inquiries and Reports

I have also included several lists of public resources related to Indigenous peoples in Canada that every Canadian (and American) should read. These reports contain significant historical and current fact-based information, findings and recommendations about how to address the gross injustices faced by Indigenous peoples. Please feel free to contact me if you think there are other significant reports, inquiries or resources that should be added to this list. Check out my publications for even more material, including this amazing resource: Whose Land is it Anyway? A Manual for Decolonization which includes chapters from Kanahus Manuel, Russ Diabo, Taiaiake Alfred, Sharon Venne and I, along with many others.

“Real Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples Includes Self-Education”

– Pam Palmater, University of Regina, Feb. 15, 2018