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Pam speaking at Carleton University.


Dr. Pam Palmater is an internationally renowned speaker, prolific author, award-winning podcaster, Mi’kmaw lawyer, and Indigenous activist driving reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, human rights, and social justice. Her indomitable spirit, fervor for social justice, and consequential contributions have helped to reshape Canadian laws and policies, exemplifying the power of individual agency. Her mission is to inspire Canadians to act on injustice and be champions for social change.

Pam’s speaking topics include:

  • Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples
  • How to be an Ally for Social Justice
  • Championing Human Rights for All
  • Transforming Education Through Indigenous Reconciliation 
  • Warrior Women Leading the Way
  • Dispelling Myths about Indigenous Rights

Pam’s keynote topics are also customizable for your event. She will work closely with your organization to develop an inspiring address that represents the core themes and messages of your convention, conference or gathering. 


“Our sincere thanks to Dr. Palmater for enhancing our symposium with her expertise and unwavering commitment to the revitalization and empowerment of Indigenous communities through education.”

Indigenous Institutes Consortium

“Dr. Palmater was an engaging, knowledgeable, and passionate speaker. We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn with her and hope to continue to do so in the future.” 

Edmonton Catholic Schools

“The whole audience was engaged in her expertise and authentic voice, and they loved the interaction and discussion during the Q&A. She presented Indigenous issues, debunked myths, and talked about barriers impacting Indigenous peoples giving us lots to think about and action in our classrooms and school moving forward. Thank you for providing such an exceptional learning session.” 

O’Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute 

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A relentless advocate for education, Pam’s personal academic odyssey encompasses an impressive array of four university degrees, culminating in a doctorate in law that focuses on Indigenous rights. She is also a prolific researcher and writer, authoring over 200 impactful publications concerning Indigenous issues, human rights, and social justice – earning her many awards, including the Top 25 Movers and Shakers, Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers, Most Inspiring Women, and more. 

A well-known Indigenous legal expert in Canada and an authority on human rights, laws and policies that impact Indigenous peoples, Pam frequently testifies before Parliamentary and Senate committees, and numerous United Nations treaty bodies. Her distinguished research and groundbreaking recommendations consistently shape the trajectory of societal transformation and helped lead concrete legal and policy change. Her unique expertise has also informed pivotal inquires and commissions, like the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and the Mass Casualty Commission in Nova Scotia. 

Pam’s passion for teaching includes training at the organizational level. She’s worked with universities, school boards, unions, government agencies, First Nations, women’s groups and a wide array of non-government organizations. If you want your employees to know how to put reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, human rights and social justice into action, Pam will work with you to customize a training plan to suit your needs.


“Working with Dr. Palmater has been a real pleasure. She has a way of teaching that is fun and engaging. She doesn’t shy away from topics that may be controversial for some, yet has a way of breaking down the myths while stating facts so we all have a better understanding. I am looking forward to working with her in future projects.”


“It was an honour to have Dr. Pam Palmater join us at Loyalist College for our Speaker Series and we are grateful for the learning, deepened understanding, and community that was generated as a result. She shared her insights on Indigenous sovereignty, the process of reconciliation, and the concrete steps we can all take in our day-to-day to effect change, while also using the opportunity to dispel some of the mythology surrounding Indigenous peoples, land claims, treaties and other critical issues. As an educator, Dr. Palmater creates a safe, approachable and open forum to tackle difficult and complex subject matter, encouraging participation and creating space for rich and meaningful dialogue. The event challenged, inspired, and contributed to the vibrant learning environment we aim to cultivate at Loyalist.” 

Mark Kirkpatrick, Loyalist College President and CEO

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As an acclaimed digital media artist, filmmaker, and producer, Pam’s remarkable ability to harness the power of digital and social media platforms to shed light on Indigenous issues has distinguished her as a trailblazer. She is the creative force behind her award-winning Indigenous podcast, the Warrior Kids Podcast, and her popular Warrior Life Podcast, both of which have earned her prestigious recognition at the imagineNATIVE Film & Digital Media Festival. 

In 2021, the Warrior Kids Podcast secured the coveted imagineNATIVE Narrative Audio Award, adding to a growing list of accolades. Pam’s latest podcast venture Criminals on Patrol courageously delves into the shadows of the “thin blue line,” of police criminality, aiming to educate audiences about much-needed reforms in policing.

Her short documentary Samqwan: Water has so far been officially selected for 11 film festivals to date, including Toronto Short Film Festival and Native Women in Film Festival, and also won the award for Best Short Documentary at the French International Modern Film & Script Festival and Best Cinematography at the Feedback Female Film Festival. Her latest project is a television series featuring traditional Indigenous stories that were inspired by her father’s passion for all things unexplained. 

She has also partnered with socially-conscious companies like LUSH and Ben & Jerry’s to help educate the public about Indigenous issues. As a well-known Indigenous podcaster, documentary filmmaker, YouTuber, and TikToker, Pam’s adept utilization of social media platforms to illuminate Indigenous issues distinguishes her as a trailblazer. Her indomitable spirit and fervor for social justice are infectious and inspire us all to take up the call for reconciliation. 

There are many ways to collaborate with Pam. She is open to ethical sponsorships, collaborations, partnerships, and promotions; as well as both traditional and organic advertising with companies, organizations, businesses, and community groups that are socially-conscious and earth-friendly – both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. 

Potential products include authentic, Indigenous-specific artwork, natural foods, clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, natural health products, books, educational products, podcasts, movies, online services, and more. Pam will work with your organization to develop a collaboration plan that best suits your needs and help align socially-conscious customers with your products, events and services.

Some of the ways to partner include:

  • Sponsored podcasts, blogs, videos;
  • Sponsored social media posts;
  • Affiliate links & discount codes;
  • Traditional ethical advertising;
  • Co-produced TV and radio specials;
  • Co-produced documentaries and films;
  • Special events and other collaborations.

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